Friday, 2 May 2014

Today’s five best European front pages

Starting from today we'll be publishing a smaller, but thicker selection of European newspaper's front pages. We'll be covering cover less topics and providing more links to the news and the original stories within the newspapers shown. We hope you will enjoy it and wait for your feedback.

'European industrial policy. One vision' - Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf.

Talks on a possible takeover of French engineering company Alstom by German competitor Siemens (although Alstom has already announced it would prefer US General Electric's bid) may lead to a new European leader in its sector, like Airbus is in the aeronautics.

'Mas's Catalonia. Tension grows: PP offices have been attacked and a target was drawn on one of the PSC' - La Razón, Madrid.

As local authorities in Catalonia, headed by the region's leader Artur Mas, are pushing towards holding a referendum on self-determination — which the central Parliament recently ruled out — tension between pro- and anti- independence parties is mounting.

'French jihadists. Lost war against holy war' -  Libération, Paris.

"European countries try to halt young men leaving to be enrolled in radical groups in Syria. But a judiciary response is not sufficient, as judge Marc Trévidik tells Libération in an interview".

'Anarchy in Donetsk' - De Volkskrant, Amsterdam.

May day demonstrations in the Eastern pro-Russian stronghold of Donetsk "rapidly turned to anti-Ukrinian", reports the Dutch daily. "At the end of the day, the court of Justice fell into the separatist's hands."

'In 10 years EU membership, Slovak living standards rose' - Pravda, Bratislava.

Like nine other countries (Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland and Slovenia), Slovakia celebrated on 1 May ten years as an EU member. But, if Slovaks are better off today than ten years ago, "the honeymoon with the EU might be over" now, highlights EUobserver.

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  1. I like this format better - getting a bit of an insight beyond the headline is very useful. Great idea!