Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Welcome Eutopia, a place to talk about Europe

One of the purposes of Presseurop was to give the European citizens some food for thought and debate through articles and news from all over the continent (and the world) on their beloved living place and a unique multilingual comments tool.
Since Presseurop was frozen, there was some space to fill — and probably some appetite as well for an inter-European place for debating. Now Eutopia, an online magazine managed by four European publishers — S. Fischer Verlag (Germany), Editorial Debate (Spain), Éditions du Seuil (France) and Editori Laterza (Italy) — which has come online today, seems to be willing to fill this space. Its editor is Eric Jozsef, a committed European and a friend of Presseurop.

Eutopia's aim, according to the "about" page, 

is to create a place for European citizens to get informed about the most relevant issues to their future by the most authoritative voices in each field. Issues which will be central to the forthcoming European elections: from immigration to welfare, from education to party systems and the relation between market and state, just to mention a few. There will also be historical reflections and essays on the culture and distinctive identity of Europe. Moreover, the magazine will publish a visual portfolio, on the issue of the month, by eminent photographers.

The content, adds Eutopia
is available in English and, when possible, in the original language.
Topics will be of general interest for Europeans and will range from current debates to historical analyses and comparative essays on past and present issues in European countries. Current facts, whether on an international or national level, can be a springboard for writing within a more general theme and making suggestions for a new European policy.
Commenting, the other big part of the job, is subcontracted to the Facebook page.

So, welcome to Eutopia!

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