Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Today’s best European front pages

On this MayDay eve, Ukraine, and the pro-Russian separatists' offensive in the East of the country, is still occupying most of European dailies' front pages.

Belgian daily De Standaard headlines on an interview with EU council chairman Herman Van Rompuy, who seems to be kissing goodbye the European federalists' cherished idea of the United States of Europe, while Slovenia faces new political turmoil, after PM Alenka Bratušek lost her party's leadership.

Slovakia celebrates its 10 years as an EU member and France and Italy are discussing the selling of two major national companies, Alstom (to GE) and Alitalia (to Etihad).

'The war in our heads' - Die Tageszeitung, Berlin.

'Forget the United States of Europe' - De Standaard, Brussels.

'I'll bring Obama and Putin to Belgrade' - Blic, Belgrade.

'Bratusek sacked, but not bend' - Dnevnik, Ljubljiana.

'Separatists on the offensive' - Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm.

'Alstom: what General Electric is promising Hollande' - Les Echos, Paris.

'Spain reaches the bottom, with 2,000 jobs cancelled every day' - El País, Madrid.

'Alitalia, ultimatum by Etihad' - Il Messaggero, Rome.

'MPs exit gives Farage his chance' - The Times, London.

'Sick warriors' - Die Freitag, Berlin.

'10 years in Europe' - SME, Bratislava.

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