Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Today’s best European front pages

Most of European dailies have their main headline — if not the same photo — on the new sanctions the EU and the West has imposed on Russia as a retaliation against the growing tensions between pro-Russian militias in Eastern Ukraine (allegedly backed by Moscow) and the local security forces.

French daily La Croix "opens the debate on the successes and the failures of the EU", four weeks ahead of the European elections, while Romanian daily România liberă wonders what are the consequences of the abolition of the need for a EU visa for Moldovans. 

Finally, Ljubljana's Dnevnik headlines on ex-PM Janez Jansa's jail sentence for corruption being upheld by an appeals court.

'Sharper sanctions against Moscow' - Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zurich.

'Merkel draws no red line for Putin' - De Volkskrant, Amsterdam.

'Separatsim moves forward in Ukraine' - El Correo, Bilbao.

'Ukraine. Moscow threatens with a "hurting" response to new sanctions' - Público, Lisbon.

'The Trident is crucified in Luhansk' - Den, Kiev.

'The West believes in the game of sanctions' - Ta Nea, Athens.

'Farewell to visas, but what's next?' - România liberă, Bucarest.

'Cross-party campaign to brand Ukip as racist' - The Guardian, London.

'What Europe do we want?' - La Croix, Paris.

'The culture of corruption condemned' - Dnevnik, Ljubljana.

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