Thursday, 17 April 2014

Today’s best European front pages

On this 17 April, most of European dailies have their main headline on Ukraine, as Kiev's soldiers try to take back control of towns held by pro-Russia separatist militias and talks between Ukraine, Russia, the US and the EU are set to begin today in Geneva.

'Better than the separatists' - Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm.

'Eastern Ukraine: dozens of soldiers are running over separatists' - Der Standard, Vienna.

'Ukrainians captured also tanks' - SME, Bratislava.

'Geneva: moment of truth' - Den, Kiev.

'War on nerves' - Moskovskye Komsomolets, Moscow.

'Ukraine's troops rolled in. And the crowd rolled them back' - The Guardian, London.

'Nato will deploy more troops in Eastern Europe' - La Vanguardia, Barcelona.

'Nato clenches its fists' - De Telegraaf, Amsterdam.

'"The most serious crisis since the end of World War 2"' - Die Welt, Berlin.

'Who gets the 4,2 billion of the new ESM' - To Ethnos, Athens.

'Manuel Valls' social squeeze' - Les Echos, Paris.

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