Monday, 14 April 2014

Today’s best European front pages — on Ukraine

 Most of European dailies share the same headline — if not the same picture — on this 14 April: the tension in Eastern Ukraine, as pro-Russian militias occupying official buildings came to clash with Ukrainian defense forces, in an escalation that many observers fear could lead to open war between Kiev and Moscow. We deliberately chose to display only a selection of the front pages having this news as their headline.

'Russian special forces occupy cities' - Die Presse, Vienna.

'War in the East' - Luxemburger Word, Luxembourg.

'Army called in' - Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm.

'Death in Eastern Ukraine by "Anti-terror intervention"' - Die Welt, Berlin.

'Taking Eastern Ukraine' - Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw.

'"Rusian spring": first blood' - Moskovskye Komsomolets, Moscow.

'Ukraine switches to the offensive against pro-Russians' - Le Figaro, Paris.

'Ukraine: the ghost of civil war' - Le Soir Brussels.

'We seem now to be waiting for war in Ukraine' - NRC Next, Amsterdam.

'Ukraine. Kiev moves forward against pro-Russian separatists' - Público, Lisbon.

'Blood spilled in the battle for Ukraine' - The Independent, London.

'Ukraine launches a military offensive against pro-Russian rebel groups' - El País, Madrid.

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