Saturday, 5 April 2014

This week’s best European cartoons

Turkish Prime minister Recep Tayyp Erdoğan gave a lot of opportunities to European cartoonist this week, by closing Twitter and YouTube social networks and winning local elections. The tension between the West and Russia on Ukraine is also one of the major topics, as well as the swing to the right in the French local elections.

Panos Maragos, To Ethnos, Athens.

Collignon, De Volkskrant, Amsterdam.

Rodrigo, Expresso, Lisbon.

Oliver, Der Standard, Vienna.

Len, Trouw, Amsterdam.

Corax, Danas, Belgrade.

Kazanevsky, Ukraine.

Uber, Cartoon movement.

Bernie, Cartoon movement.

' 40,000 jobless Europeans in the streets. No to austerity. Jobs! No. No! Enough!' "It's time to apply…" - Sondron, L'Avenir, Brussels.

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