Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Today’s best European front pages

Most of European dailies have their main headline on the informal G7 that took place on Monday in The Hague on the sidelines of a summit meeting over nuclear security, with US president Barack Obama and allies agreeing on casting out Russia from the  Group of 8 most industrialised democracies. The move aims to punish Russian president Vladimir Putin for his blitz-annexation of the Ukrainian pæninsula of Crimea.

'No G8 in Sochi, but a G7 in Brussels' - De Standaard, Brussels.

'Obama: Putin has to pay for Crimea' - Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin.

'An American in Brussels' - Le Soir, Brussels.

'The G7 isolates Russia' - De Volkskrant, Amsterdam.

'Putin frozen out as the West unites over Crimea' - The Times, London.

'Crimea crisis opens [the way] for Jens Stoltenberg' - Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm.

'The Ukrainian heroes of Sevastopol' - Den, Kiev.

'Obama: the G8 without Putin. Stocks on trenches over the crisis' - Il Sole 24 Ore, Milan.

'The government starts to rule over Crimea' - Kommersant, Moscow.

'Russia and NATO are playing cops and robbers near the sea boundary' - Sega, Sofia.

'Suárez's last teaching' - El Mundo, Madrid.

'Almunia's command to Eurobank' - I Kathimerini, Athens.

'Municipal elections: the NF triumphs, the SP is punished' - Le Monde, Paris.

'Portugal leads in Europe on cuts to social expenditures' - I, Lisbon.

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  1. Un hombre honesto que dejaron sus compañeros políticos y al que se le censuraba en la prensa sus entrevistas más sinceras, los españoles de entonces no entendieron porqué se le apartó.
    http://blogs.elconfidencial.com/espana/tribuna/2014-03-25/suarez-ejemplo-siempre-vivo_106491/ Todo lo vivido desde entonces evidencia los intereses ocultos de aquella etapa.