Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Today’s best European front pages

Unsurprisingly, on this 19 March most of European dailies have their headline on the signature of the annexion treaty of the Ukrainian region of Crimea by the Russian federation, yesterday at the Kremlin, and its consequences on the relations between Russia and the West as well as with other former Soviet republics. The same day, an Ukrainian soldier was killed by pro-Russian troops in an Ukrainian military base in the Crimean capital of Simferopol.

'USSR reloaded' - Rzeczpospolita, Warsaw.

'Tiraspol leaders want to see themselves in Putin's country' - Adevărul Moldova, Chisinau.

'The Putin doctrine' - Berlingske, Copenhagen.

'Crimea almost taken' - Die Tageszeitung, Berlin.

'Putin annexes Crimea' - Le Soir, Brussels.

'Putin pulls on with Crimea's annexion' - Die Presse, Vienna.

'Putin changes the border. Return of the Cold war?' - Dnes, Prague.

'Putin wants to unite all the Russian world' - Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm.

'Annexion of Crimea becomes real' - Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Zürich.

'Supercynical triumph' - Den, Kiev.

'Unpunished Putin' - Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw.

'All roads lead to Crimea' - Kommersant, Moscow.

'Summit over Crimea in The Hague', De Telegraaf, Amsterdam.

'Ukraine on war footing as first soldier shot dead' - The Times, London.

'Lunch in Berlin. Passos comes back reinforced with German support to 'any' exit' - Público, Lisbon.

'Out of control' - Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf.

'Catching the competitors' - Luxemburger Wort, Luxembourg.

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