Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Today’s best European front pages

No real European topic on today's newspapers' front pages, except the news about the EU being close to lift bank secrecy, as headlined by Belgian daily De Morgen. "Austria and Luxembourg", the main opponents to the lifting, "have bowed" and "might support a deal making easier to all 28 EU countries to unmask tax evaders".

'EU destroys bank secrecy' - De Morgen, Brussels.

'You share the web with 2,700,000 others' - Berlingske, Copenhagen.

'Passos Coelho rejects the debt renegociation' - Diário de Notícias, Lisbon.

'The victim's unity alleviates the fracture by the hoaxes of 11-M' - El País, Madrid.

'The price of sparing' - Handelsblatt, Düsseldorf.

'Murdered journalist honored' - Helsingborgs Dagblad, Helsingborg.

'Russians don't give up' - Izvestya, Moscow.

'Sexual abuses in the army. The dishonor' - Libération, Paris.

'No referendum on the EU under Labour' - The Independent, London.

'Gäll, stay clean' - Basler Zeitung, Basel.

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