Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Today’s best European front pages

As situation in the Ukraine slowly settles, European dailies go back to current affairs, though some have the questions about what's next for Kiev and the whereabouts of the former president Viktor Yanukovytch as the main headline.

'Facebook's founder on sale in Spain' - ABC, Madrid.

'The EU declares war on credit card providers' - Berlingske, Copenhagen.

'Renzi gets confidence [vote]: "Radical choices"' - Corriere della Sera, Milan.

'New leadership in Kiew hunts Yanukovych for mass murdering' - Die Welt, Berlin.

'Yulia in every game' - Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw.

'Lord of the Rings' - Izvestiya, Moscow.

'Ukraine: Russia warns Europe' - Le Figaro, Paris.

'Bazaar with the Troika's surplus' - I Kathimerini, Athens.

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  1. One simply MUST listen to this interview with Stephen Cohen from "The Nation" web site about the Ukraine.


    Professor Cohen suggests that one probably should give more weight to what Russia Today is saying than anything one is likely to read or hear in the Western media.