Monday, 24 February 2014

Today’s best European front pages

On this Monday 24 February the Ukraine gets most of the European dailies' headlines, though angles vary from one country to the other. Here's our selection.

'Who can host the Ukraine?' - Berlingske, Copenhagen.

'Ukraine: Russia stops payments, the EU provides help' - Der Standard, Vienna.

'Long live the revolution, but what now?' - De Morgen, Brussels.

'The new authorities in Kiev are in a hurry' - Dnevnik, Ljubljana

'West rushes to fix Ukraine rescue' - Financial Times, London.

'Kiev: the government concedes to the streets' - Le Soir, Brussels.

'The Ukrainian spring' - Libération, Paris.

'Look, the President's house!!!' - NRC Next, Amsterdam.

'Long live the revolution' - Die Tageszeitung, Berlin.


  1. Here is a link to the Russia Today editorial opinion on the Ukraine.

    The author suggests that Russia would accept partition. This is consistent with the nonsense I read today out of Washington to the effect that partition is out of the question. As always, the long time Russia hater, Zbigniew Brezinski (who appears to be speaking for all the neo-con lunatics that have only strengthened their hold on the State Department including Susan Rice and John Kerry) insists in the Financial Times that it is the duty of the EU and US to see to it that the Ukraine should be like Finland.

    While the Finns are burdened with a Swedish minority, Finland does not have a large Russian speaking minority and Finland is not the home port of the Russian Black Sea fleet.

    Meanwhile, The New York Times has an interesting article placing in context Russian concerns to the effect that the EU is a creature of NATO and NATO is a creature of the US Department of Defense and US State Department.

    In my opinion, some sort of partition seems to be the best solution.

  2. Los continuos asaltos a la frontera están tomando el tamaño de una invasión.
    Con cada asalto entran 100 más y hay más de 30.000 esperando para entrar.