Thursday, 13 February 2014

No EU protection in sight for whistleblower Edward Snowden

On 12 February, "a European Parliament committee voted against calling for asylum protection for former US intelligence agency contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden", writes EUobserver.

According to the news website,
The vote was part of a larger, non-binding, resolution backed by the MEPs in the civil liberties committee. The resolution condemns the blanket collection of personal data on the scale he disclosed. A short paragraph, buried among the hundreds of amendments in the committee's National Security Agency (NSA) inquiry report, had requested that EU member states drop criminal charges against him, if any, and “offer him protection from prosecution, extradition or rendition.” But it did not make the final cut.

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  1. traduction incertaine.
    Je me demande ce que les prochaines élections européennes pourraient changer pour E.Snowden… du pire peut-être !