Wednesday, 5 February 2014

MEPs vote resolution on discrimination against Lgbti

On 4 February the European parliament voted a resolution that "strongly regrets that the fundamental rights of LGBTI [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex] people are not always fully upheld in the EU" and "calls on the European Commission, EU member states and EU agencies to work jointly on a roadmap to protect their fundamental rights".

The text, which is non-binding, is based on a report by Austrian Green MEP Ulrike Lunacek and has been passed by 394 votes to 176, with 72 abstentions, explains Der Standard (check here the detail of the vote).

According to the Vienna daily, around a third of the EPP (conservative ) party voted in favor of the resolution, thus disobeying to the party's official line. Most of the French Ump, the German CDU/CSU and the Austrian ÖVP voted against, denouncing "a frontal attack by the gay lobby" to "introduce same-sex marriage through the back door", adds Der Standard.


  1. Writing as an American libertarian and constitutional democratic-republican I have to ask:

    Are not all civil status laws such as slave, serf, villain, freeman, gentleman, nobel, single and married anachronistic?

    Further, are not all laws that impose civil and criminal penalties on relationships and activities that harm no one but oneself violations of the universal rights of man?

    Does any government have a fundamental right to require that we live in such a way that might maximize our imagined utility to the state?

    I pose the last question to "europa" in particular.

    1. John, I am not sure I fully understand the meaning of your last question. I will try to answer as if I was sure then :-) First, I like the term libertarian although I can be satisfied using the word free only. Usually, our governments are elected and reflect more or less the will of the people. They also face various oppositions within parliament sessions and voting laws doesn't come that easy. Ultimately, we, the people, are the state.

      Personally, I am against any attempt of manipulation from a government towards the peoples and in any circumstances. It means the only fundamental right I want them to assume is to rule according to the peoples best interests. Apart from that, anybody on this planet inherits a good dose of pre-conceived concepts implanted into one's brain since childhood. It certainly questions the place of our free will in many of our beliefs and leaves room to the above potential manipulations, whoever you are.

      Also, many of my comments are most of the time obsolete, born dead, as my attacks concern mostly the people themselves and very rarely politicians, which I consider more like surfers rather than leaders. It leads nowhere to do so but it makes me feel honest with myself. I don't know if you have followed the late unrests in France concerning homosexual marriage, and related assisted procreation but let me tell you that most politicians (in the opposition) remained silent while thousands of people where in the streets, sundays after sundays to denonce such anti-human laws. They, this people, according to your views (I think) are in violation of the universal declaration of human rights and definitely are, in my opinion.

      Last century, I repeat myself, senility perhaps, showed the limits of our major ideologies and in Europe, despite the many crying for the wolf, people have never been so free to fight their own freedom. Some by asking governments to take over the whole society in the name of the disfavoured by wanting private companies to be at the service of the people and which would require owners, unless they're saints, to be deprived form their ownerships, I don't see any other way. Others, in the name of fear and paranoia, wouldn't mind to create a strong police state with dirigist habilities where homosexual for instance will recover their position of parias and women their status of housewives. In both cases, it's not very difficult to envision how fast acquired freedom will vanished into the vaccum of people's illusions.