Wednesday, 12 February 2014

“Fuck the GMOs”

A few days after the now famous "Fuck the EU" quip by US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the middle finger has been raised by a minority of EU member states to the opponents of GMOs in Europe, rages German daily Die Tageszeitung.

On 11 February, the EU member states decided not to decide about the right to grow TC 1507, a genetically modified maize resistant to certain insects. But this non-decision means that TC 1507 culture will be authorized by the EU Commission, although no agenda has been set to give the green light.

The Brussels executive, compelled to act by the EU Court of Justice, had submitted last November a proposal for an authorisation decision to the member states. But although 19 states opposed the TC 1507 culture, they failed to gather the necessary majority of 260 votes in the General Affairs meeting. Four states abstained, thus implicitly giving their support to the 5 states in favour of the GMO culture and going against a vote by the EU Parliament rejecting the Commission proposal.

Germany was one of the abstaining countries and thus holds a major responsability in what amounts to a denial of democracy, denounces the Tageszeitung:

The argument that a no from Germany would not have led to a rejection [of the Commission proposal] misjudges the great influence a German vote would have had on hesitant EU member states. That a majority in Brussels can be organized is something Merkel has demonstrated often enough.

Germany's abstention in this vote, notes the daily -

amounts to an approval which prevents a rejection and makes the decision fall back to the GMO-friendly EU Commission. By this the chancellor clearly stands against public opinion and makes efforts to hide this impression.

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  1. Comme d'habitude les lobbys ont bien travaillé ? Quand va-t-on les repousser ?