Monday, 17 February 2014

Europeans prefer Europe as holidays’ spot

Europeans do not seem to enjoy exotic holidays destinations. At least the majority of them rather prefer to stay within the Old Continent, if not in their own country.
Quartz news website notes that, as a recent survey by the European Commission reveals,
EU residents generally stay in their home country during their time off—57% of people in the EU last year took a trip within their own country. More than 80% of Greeks, Croatians, and Italians took time off close to home in 2013, while Maltese, Belgians, and Luxembourgers were much more keen to go abroad, with fewer than 30% reporting that they took a domestic holiday last year.
The survey also shows that people from crisis-hit countries plan not to go on holidays in 2014, while those from richer ones, like Austria or Sweden, believe they most certainly will. All in all, adds Quartz —
11% of EU residents say that it will be all work and no play in 2014, thanks to lousy economic conditions.

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