Monday, 10 February 2014

Europe officially recognises the Republic of Maidan

After having secured democracy in Libya, Bernard-Henry Lévy is poised to do the same in Ukraine. The French philosopher was in Maidan square, in Kiev on 9 February to express his support to the anti-government and pro-European opposition.

After comparing the Bastille square in Paris, the symbol of the 1789 French revolution, to the Maidan, Lévy declared that he recognises the "parallel government" led by "Monsieur Yatseniuk", the eader of the Batkivschyna parliamentary opposition faction Arseniy Yatseniuk. Mr Yatseniuk has said he is ready to head the government of Ukraine, writes the Interfax news agency, "but only if the Cabinet of Ministers is formed of opposition representatives and if the Constitution of 2004 is brought back in force".

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