Friday, 21 February 2014

EU betrays the Ukraine’s people

"Betrayed by Europe": in today's headline Libération charges the EU for not helping the Ukrainian opposition in its confrontation with Viktor Yanukovytch's government. 

In its editorial, the Paris daily states that —

Since three months, the Europeans have let the president, Viktor Yanukovytch, and his Russian godfather, Vladimir Putin, do what they wanted. They let them kill, torture and assault thousands of Ukrainians who are ready to demonstrate and die for an European ideal that is betraying them day after day. How many dead are necessary before the EU reacts? The precedent of Syria, another of Putin's clients, show that indignation and courage are not the main qualities of the European head of state and of government. Yanukovytch and Putin's plan is clear: use the violence and the repression to radicalise the situation in the Ukraine, silence the democratic opposition so that the right-wing extremists and the provocations can run free. A cynical and bloody way to make the Ukraine a paria state, like Belarus. For now, the Ukrainians, the young and the pensioners, left-wingers and right-wingers, nationalists and not, are trying to fight this scenario with enormous courage, challenging the regime's thugs. They still want to believe in Europe. They still want to believe that Europe will save them from Putin and his Ukrainian puppet. Europe should now exist. For once.

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