Monday, 10 February 2014

Don’t cry for me, Europa!

Today, the 10th of February, the Foreign Affairs ministers of EU will debate in Brussels about Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Eastern Partnerhip, how to help, more efficiently, Moldova and Georgia, how to improve the single presence of EU there. While the Moldovans are quite glad to heard such news,
Charlemagne, in The Economist, is rather skeptical : "EU nearly lost Ukraine".

If a few months ago the Eu had somme ideas to put back Ukraina on the road to Europe (insisting on the release of Yulia Tymoshenko, promising a possible EU membership, putting Ukraine and Georgia on the way to NATO, etc.), "all these debates have now been overtaken by events", says Charlemagne. Now we have only one question : "Is Mr Yanukovych a man the EU can do business with ?"
And, eventualy, a complementary one : who cares more for Ukraina ? "Russia cares more about losing Ukraine than the EU cares about winning it", writes Charlemagne. It is true,
enlargement is not a popular cause in time of crisis. The perspective of membership will not solve everything. But it helps reform-minded countries to undergo wrenching economic and political change. Europe is not omnipotent. But it still offers a potent symbol… .

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  1. C'est à dire que si les accords avec l'UE comprennent l'adhésion à l'OTAN en même temps, j'imagine que Poutine n'est pas d'accord et qu'il met tous les atouts de son côté chez ses voisins !!