Friday, 7 February 2014

At least 13 die in Melilla as new wave of migrants pushes on

"At least nine migrants died trying to enter swimming in Ceuta", headlines Spanish daily ABC, adding that "the 'paperless' drowned on 5 February while they were trying to swim around the fence" that separates the Spanish enclave from Morocco.

A later update put up the score to 13 casualties — amongst whom a woman —adds the daily's website. ABC writes that the subsaharian migrants tried to take advantage of the low tide on Rifiyyenne beach to try to reach the Spanish side. 

They were part of a larger 1,400 Subsaharians party who —
tried to reach Melilla in separated groups through the border fence with Morocco, an objective they did not match thanks to the security deployment established both on the Spanish territory and on the Moroccan side.

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