Sunday, 23 February 2014

Another short European front pages review on the Ukraine

On Sunday 23 February most of European dailies' front pages have Ukraine as the main headline, with opposition prominent figure Yulia Tymoshenko's apparition on Maidan square, in Kiev, on Saturday evening, shortly after She was freed from detention in Kharkiv.

"The street wins in the Ukraine" - ABC, Madrid.

"Tymoshenko's revenge" - Dagens Nyheter, Stockholm.

"In Kiev the opponents [are] in power. Yulia Tymoshenko freed" - Corriere della Sera, Milan.

"More than 100 killed. The price of freedom in the Ukraine" - Gazeta Wyborcza, Warsaw.

"Yulia. The voice of freedom" - Le Journal du Dimanche, Paris.

"Tymoshenko is back" - Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin.

"History is made" - The Independent on Sunday, London.

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