Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ukraine — Europe is getting angry

While clashes between opponents of president Viktor Yanukovytch and the police continue in the Ukrainian capital and talks do not seem to be leading anywhere, Brussels has "sent its top foreign policy envoy to mediate in the 10-week stand-off", reports The Guardian.

Meanwhile, during a short visit in Brussels, on 28 January, Russian president Vladimir Putin warned EU leaders "to keep their hands off Ukraine", adds the daily, according to which —

Russia's intervention in Brussels followed Yanukovych's biggest concession to the opposition, the sacking of his hardline prime minister and government and a promise to repeal draconian laws criminalising protest and freedom of speech.
Putin met EU leaders for the first time since November's clash between the Kremlin and Europe over the future of Ukraine triggered the crisis in Kiev. Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, took part in the meetings with Putin in Brussels then travelled to Kiev to try to mediate between the opposing sides.

Cartoon by Chappatte (The International New York Times).

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