Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Is Ukraine slipping into chaos?

Den headlines on "The root of all evil", in the wake of the violent street clashes between the most radical anti-government protesters and the police in Kiev. The daily fears that the clashes could lead to a "bloody civil conflict" that would threaten "internal peace and democracy" in Ukraine.

How did we get here? Den points to the government, who acted with "unacceptable irresponsibility" in "trying to hold on to their seats" and by not wanting "to hear the demands of the streets for a clear change in the system" and in those who are in power. But some responsibility for the actual blockade lies also in the opposition, adds the daily: too divided and with too many leaders, yet still unable to lead the crowds.

According to the Ukrainian daily, the "Euromaidan" protest, which has been going on for more than two months, "still lacks the maturity to stop and convert the energy into clear political demands." Is the opposition doing so? asks Den. And "if not, why not? Despite the government's unpopularity, what might be its way out of the current situation?"

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