Friday, 24 January 2014

Five Steps to Protect the Euromaidan

Can Europe protect the Euromaidan? Yes, EU can. But, according to Andrew Wilson, from ECFR ,
protecting European choice in Ukraine means taking a variety of short-, medium- and long-term steps.
Five steps, actually...

1. First, the current open door in Europe for the regime's money is both a moral failure and a failure to use our leverage. [...] The key European states – the UK, Austria and Germany, plus Switzerland – should take a proper account of such money and take appropriate measures.

2. European should impose visa bans as the US is already doing.

3. Conversely, the EU should issue multiple-entry, long-term Schengen visas to other Ukrainian nationals who have already been to the EU.

4. In addition to these measures, the EU, together with the US, should reach out to the Ukrainian army and internal forces to emphasise the need to stay above the fray and refrain from the use of force.

5. The EU must also quickly engage with the Ukrainian leadership to offer a negotiated way out of the crisis and free and fair elections in return for security guarantees for the president and his family with retention of some personal property.

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  1. Sanctions, huh? Have economic wars have been so successful over the last 100 years that the EU wants to start another?

    Does the EU really want to pick this fight?

    Didn't the EU just rolled over and played dead when the US decided to junk the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a regime that was at least willing to try to create a democratic-republic, in favor a clearly fascist dictatorship that had won the hearts and minds of the secular bourgeoisie whose livelihood seems to depend on the leavings of the Egyptian generals from the subsidies the generals receive from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the US.

    There probably should be two Ukraines divided by the Dniester. Russification of east Ukraine appears to have been very successful since 1945.

    But is should also be clear that the Ukraine west of the Dniester will be a buffer state, like Luxembourg was in the 19th C., and cannot be a member of NATO.

  2. I just read another presseurop item from 11.12.2013 to the effect that Vitali Klitschko is Mutti Merkel's man in Kiev.

    Do any of you in the EU think that the US is going to back a scheme by a gaggle of Euro-appraratchiks aimed at regime change in the Ukraine?