Wednesday, 15 January 2014

EU’s humanitarian aid in dire straits

ECHO, the EU humanitarian office, has to tighten its belt, according to Le Monde:
The growing number, or the amplification, of major crisis in 2013 (including Mali, Syria, Central Africa and the Philippines) has had direct consequences on its financial balance. There are rumors of a bankruptcy risk since an internal note inviting ECHO's officials to double-check the level of emergency for the projects they are submitted, with the purpose of reducing expenses. A catastrophe for a lot of NGOs, as ECHO, one of the world's main financers of humanitarian aid, works with some 200 partners in 140 countries. In 2013, the organisation spent €300 million more than its one-billion euro annual budget. As a consequence, there were delays in payments and payment authorizations drop. 
"No reason to panic", says Claus Sorensen, ECHO's director-general, to Le Monde, but, adds the daily —
Among NGOs, there is real concern. Each has been asked to work on a 50 per cent budget reduction while waiting for a possible budget extension later this year. […] The impact is going to be massive on small structures, who deal with little liquidities. A meeting was held in Brussels on 13 January. The "political will" to consolidate the humanitarian aid has been confirmed, but there was no indication of when the agency's deficit would be filled. The money might be found in other sectors. Or a call for funding may be raised to the member states and the Parliament.


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  2. bizarre et incompréhensible !

    1. Incompréhensible pourquoi? L'Ue est un rêve, et les rêves n'ont pas d'argent. C'est bien connu.

    2. incompréhensible parce que cela met en danger des opérations de sauvetage. C'est donc incohérent de la part de l'U.E.

  3. They can use the money spared by zeroing Presseurop financing to avoid ECHO bankruptcy.
    Mrs Viviane Reding was a visionary!