Friday, 24 January 2014

A fresh start for Germany and France

Berlin and Paris intend to cooperate more closely in European and foreign policy, writes Stefan Braun in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The foreign ministers of France and Germany, Laurent Fabius and Frank-Walter Steinmeier want to expand the German-French cooperation in numerous fields and break the deadlock of the latest years.

Firstly, the talk is about possible cooperation in Mali and Central Africa, but also in Eastern Europe to support pro-European forces, in the Arab-Muslim world and in transatlantic relations. The underlying intention is to deal with problems at the edges of the European Union jointly as a Franco-German couple, be it in countries like Ukraine or in states like Tunisia.

The second idea is more unusual. The two foreign ministers could campaign together for the European elections, something that never occurred in the past. The joint effort - continues Braun -
... could be meant "to forcefully oppose the nationalist and intolerant campaigns of populists and eurosceptics." [...] It is unclear whether the two foreign ministers will act mainly in France and Germany or can imagine to do the same in other EU countries.
Finally, they both agree to meet in advance before meetings of the EU foreign ministers and to pursue initiatives to further develop the EU. Their last clearly defined goal is to revive the so-called Weimar Triangle, made of the foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland.


  1. information intéressante, il faudra suivre ce cas pour savoir s'il s'étoffera ou en restera à l'attelage franco-allemand habituel…

  2. Oh, it's French Eurabia again. Good news, German eurosceptic AfD is now at 7% in the polls:
    (General election 2013: 4,7%)
    Steinmeier, go to France/Mecca if you love it so much!

    1. Thanks Brigitte for this clear statement which undoubtedly shows the tight connection AfD supporters maintain with xenophobia and racism.