Friday, 27 December 2013

Romanian and Bulgarian workers – ‘Dutch politicians shouldn’t complain’

Western-European politicians shouldn't accuse 'Europe' of opening the EU-borders to Romanian and Bulgarian workers on January 1st, because they decided this themselves! This is what a Dutch researcher says in an opinion piece in Dutch daily De Volkskrant today. He refers to the Dutch deputy prime minister Lodewijk Asscher, who, just like British PM David Cameron, is heavily opposed to the measure.

The author, Maarten Hillebrand, reminds us of the fact that last Summer, the European Parliament and the European Council (including Asscher himself, who now warns for a 'flood' of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants in The Netherlands) revised the Schengen rules and re-confirmed that free circulation is a fundamental right... Therefore, the current Dutch resistance against the opening of the borders is "late" and "incompatible with the deals the Dutch government signed in the past within the EU". Moreover, "towards the 'new' European citizens (Romanians, Bulgarians), this sounds unfair and not quite honorable" Conclusion: "complaining about decisions that The Netherlands have approved of themselves, is not done"!

P.S.: a recent survey published by daily De Telegraaf shows that 80% of the Dutch people are against the complete opening of the borders for Eastern-European welcoming we are!


  1. Mr. Lodewijk Asscher is not the Dutch Prime Minister. He is the Deputy Prime Minister. Mr. Mark Rutte is the Dutch Prime Minister.

  2. Yes indeed, thanks! Corrected.