Friday, 27 December 2013

Belgian minister pillories foreign diplomats for unpaid fines

Any resolutions for the next year? Foreign diplomats living in Brussels won't take long to come up with some... What about paying their traffic fines once and for all? Thanks to the naming and shaming by the Belgian authorities, diplomats might finally respect the law in Brussels.

Belgian minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders is fed up with all those diplomats driving like madmen, parking in Brussels wherever they wish, and ignoring their fines by calling upon their immunity (stated in the treaty of Vienna). He has decided to publish the nationalities of diplomats who have the most unpaid fines, reports Flemish daily De Morgen.

So who are these diplomats who think they are above the law? Among EU-embassies, the most unpaid fines are attributed to diplomats of the embassies of Greece and Cyprus (how surprising), but also Malta, Hungary, Slovenia, and... Germany, believe it or not ! (some Disziplin, please, German neighbors!)

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  1. All around the UN headquarter in New York they have the same problem at highest level. They came up with a solution: quick and forced removal of all illegally parked vehicles. The discomfort to get back the removed vehicle has done the rest.